October 21, 2019

Bay St. Louis and Pass Christian were more charming than us. Gulfport was more commercial. Biloxi did more tourist trade. We were a small, kind of nondescript coastal town that you might not notice if you didn't know we were there. 

This is my town. 


September 5, 2019

My town recently changed its curb-side recycling program. When we bought this house, the previous owner was kind enough to leave the original flyer from when the program was initiated on the side of the fridge. It had a handy chart of items that were (milk cartons) and...

August 3, 2019

I am the least physically active person you ever will meet, and I blame Mr. Fiddler. 

Mr. Fiddler was my elementary school PE teacher for first through fifth grades. Now, I was a tiny child. I have always been short for my age, and I was tiny. There were other small gir...

July 28, 2019

My office is pretty close to complete and it is everything I had hoped for! It's my zen space. It gives me a place for things like my handbag, chargers. journals, books so my life is more organized and there is less clutter on the kitchen table and in my bedroom. I hav...

May 31, 2019

Seven years ago, Chip and I moved to South Louisiana. We'd talked about leaving Memphis for several years, but Chip's parents were elderly and we were the only family left in town to see after them. And it didn't seem right to move Elijah when he was in high school. Wi...

April 27, 2019

"Bill Shaffer died a few minutes ago." 

This was a text I got from my sister this afternoon. My first reaction was to ask, "Had he been sick?" Then I realized that our parents' generation is working up to their 80s and 90s. People are going to pass away. 

The Shaffers we...

April 25, 2019

There is no Long Beach Junior High anymore. A couple years after I graduated, they moved the freshmen to the high school, and the sixth grade to the new Long Beach Middle School. But when I started seventh grade, it was at LBJH. 

I remember there were all kinds of YA no...

April 22, 2019

Theresa S. Wants to know: What was your initial impression of Long Beach? 

I was not quite 11 when my family moved from the suburbs of Washington, D.C., to a small town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I say that it was a culture shock, mostly because I think that people...

April 15, 2019

I'm going to pause now to ask you: What more do you want to know? 

Now that I've given you an overview of my story, Ask Me Anything. 

What questions do you have?

Where are there gaps?

What did I skip over...leave out...or gloss over?

Where do you need DETAILS?

Please reload

What's in a name? 

I'm a southern girl. 

I grew up in Mississippi, lived in Memphis for 25 years, then moved to New Orleans in 2012 when my husband and I became emptynesters.

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