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I'm writing again.

I had a blog for a long time. A lot of blogs, really. I don't even know for how many years I blogged - maybe 10? - but it looks like..2,825 posts? Wow. I must've had a lot to say.

The thing is, I write to quiet the ongoing narration in my head. That may sound odd, or annoying, or even a bit frightening to you. I remember asking my son one time, "Do you think in words or pictures?" And he said, "Well not WORDS," as if that was the weirdest thing he'd ever heard in all of his eight years. But I have words. Nonstop words. Always in my head. Narrating my life. To me, the one who's living it. I don't know why. I DON'T MAKE THE RULES, CLAIREE.

So I would write. For as long as I could remember, I would write. Write down the words. To get them out of my head. It's a pretty good strategy.

When I moved to Louisiana in 2012, my life got a lot happier. I have a great job with a fantastic company. New Orleans is like Adult Disney Land what with the festivals and the sports and the parades and the music and the food and the art. My husband and I have been enjoying the hell out of ourselves down here.

So I'm not going to say the Life Narration stopped. But it seems to have quieted. Rested. Sat back in a chair and grinned to itself and said, "yeah..." like its work here was done. But I miss writing. And occasionally I feel like I still might have some things to say.

So I'm writing again.

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