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New Year, New Me

It all started when I bought a planner.

I have just a ton of events in the next two months - several of which I am hosting - and when the new year rolled around, I started to have some anxiety about missing a step. So I said to myself, "I need a planner." (Because my husband is always telling me, "Make a list" when I get overwhelmed.) And lo, someone I followed on Instagram posted a picture of her new planner.

And it looked pretty cool. With stickers and whatnot. So I asked her the brand and I ordered one for myself.

And while it will help me keep up with all that's coming up and going on, it wasn't really that kind of planner. It was like this...goal-oriented thing.

I mean look...I do objectives at work (because they make me). I don't set goals in real life. I'm TOTALLY FINE with my life exactly the way it is right now. I go to work, I work hard, I do good work, I come home, I snuggle with my dogs, I read, do the crossword puzzle, go to bed early. I ain't trying to be a big shot. I want to watch my Saints play (hey, boys...speaking of goals? Maybe win me another Super Bowl, eh?), go to Mardi Gras, see my family of origin a couple times a year...why's any of that need to change?

I guess I could've skipped over all those goal-planning pages and gone directly to the calendar pages but I figured I'd just read them. Maybe answer a few questions for fun.

Aaaaand now I got goals. Look out 2018, she's on fire!

Write Every Day

Why? I'm a writer. Walker Percy said, "There are two types of people who come out of Louisiana: preachers and storytellers. For god's sake - be a storyteller! The world has too many preachers." Kurt Vonnegut said, "To practice any art, no matter how well or how badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it." I've been thinking for a while that my soul is a-ok just the way it is but that's probably wishful thinking.

Make Local Friends

Why? Because ya gotta have friiii-eeeends *jazz hands* Everybody needs friends. When you move somewhere new as an adult, it can be very hard to meet people and make new friends. Especially if you don't go to church or have kids in school. I've lived here five-and-a-half years now and the only people I know are people I've met at work. And Deanna, who I met at a Democratic meet-up but have never gotten together with again since even though she's invited me to stuff.

Practice Yoga

Why? I live with chronic back pain and I have horrible posture which I would really like to improve. (I thought it best to wait until I was in my 50s to actually do something about it.) The only time I've ever had pain relief was when I was doing yoga. I found a chair yoga class down here that I really liked but then the studio changed hands and the class was cancelled and I've never found anything else to fit my needs and/or my schedule. So I registered for online yoga videos and now I'm just going to do it in my bathroom.

De-Clutter My House

Why? Peace of fucking mind. Y'all, my house is small. And we have three (rather large) dogs. And our son moved back in with us a couple years ago too. There is just A LOT of crap in this house. My husband may have a slight Amazon prime addiction. Which is fine it's fiiiiine because my company makes boxes for a living so job security!! Keep ordering Amazon, people! (But recycle!)

So here we are. Writing again.

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