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Expletive. Agnostic. Ice.

"Write about only three things: What you love, what you hate, and what you're deeply conflicted about." -- Marlon James

I reminded myself today that I'm supposed to be writing. So I got all introspective and considered what I felt like writing about.

There's football.

Yeah, I think our paper covered that one sufficiently on Monday. Deadspin called it, "One of the most improbable wins in NFL history." Which explains why I kept screaming, "WHAT JUST HAPPENED???"

There was the funeral of a 21-year-old girl I attended today. I suppose that's an opportunity to examine my feelings about life and how it doesn't matter how long you're here; it matters the impact you make while you're here. Or I could describe how an agnostic feels sitting in a Southern Baptist Church where 100 percent of the people around you believe that it should make us feel better to know that Emily is with her King. Loads of opportunity here.

There's the weather. We can always talk about the weather. Which is in the process of dropping ice/freezing rain/snow on us even as I type. I know...wherever you are, you've had it worse. (My friends in Memphis have been at home with their kids for SIX DAYS now.) But, as a comparison, I only wore a sweater three times last winter. Three. This will be our second snow this year. Not gonna lie: I kinda love it. My dogs? Not so much.

So far, I'm doing better on the yoga goal than I am the writing one.

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