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First Do No Harm*

* - Unless you have objections to the way the person lives their life. In that case, just let them bleed out.

This is the "moral" argument some "religious" healthcare workers are making for withholding healthcare to trans individuals. Someone please tell me one world religion that preaches we should let someone in need just die. I'll wait.

I'm having a hard time imagining how this "protection" that Trump proposes stands up in a court of law, as it appears to be blatant discrimination to me. And it's not like he routinely checks the Constitutionality of the edicts he arbitrarily lays down.

When we were in the full throes of the wedding cake debate, I had a conservative friend explain his side of it this way: If I provide a service for a same-sex wedding, then I am actively endorsing that union. To which I say: If you're a wedding cake baker who is not prepared to bake a cake for literally any wedding that requests it, then you need to find another line of work. Because I'm pretty sure there's some "moral" argument that could be made against every union. Me, a shiksa, marrying a Jewish man. Her, a southerner, marrying a damn yankee. You marrying a divorcee. Him marrying a non-virgin.

Because we've already established that the business owner doesn't get to decide who sits at the lunch counter. You serve everyone equally or you GTFO.

It's patently absurd to act like Christians - the overwhelming religious majority in this country - have somehow been discriminated against. Religious freedom means that you get to practice your religion - it does not mean that A) you get to force your religion on me, or B) that you get to deny my rights in any way based on your religion.

You're anti-birth control? Great - don't use it. But don't tell me I can't use it. That's forcing your religious views on me, and I have the same freedom from religion that you have to yours. Otherwise we'd live in a theocracy. You know, like Iran.

(And btw, I've seen people try to turn that argument around on gun control advocates [Don't like guns? Don't buy one!]. Of course, that logic is faulty because there's really zero chance that you're going to suffer an untimely violent death because I filled a birth control prescription.)

I'll never understand the obsessive need that the Religious Right has to focus on others - others' sins, others' shortcomings, other's immoralities. Is it really your role as a Christian to fix what [you believe] is wrong with society? To improve the morals of our nation? Because that all seems antithetical to the teachings of Jesus, who I'm 99% sure told his followers to cast out the beam in their own eye before they try to pluck the mote out of their neighbor's. Or some such metaphor. Basically, fix yourself, he said. So by their own teachings, Christians shouldn't be the least bit concerned with others' sins until they are 100% perfect. And Christians aren't perfect - just forgiven. I know, because I saw it on a bumper sticker.

And if you think refusing to do your job and denying healthcare to someone in need simply because you don't like them is focusing on your own morality and fixing yourself, then you have a very, very weird religion.

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