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First Door on the Left

Sung to the tune of Grease 2's "Reproduction":

Ren-o-va-tion! (Ren-o-va-tion!)

Put your sanding tool to work!

Ren-o-va-tion! (Ren-o-va-tion!)

Make my home life go beserk!

The hallway/guest/Elijah's bathroom renovation is complete and the one thing I learned - the truth everyone who has done renovations knows - is that it took an awful lot longer than it should have.

Before we get to the big reveal, let's look at what we started with. It's a small bathroom, so it's a little hard to shoot.

Walls painted terra cotta (which, btw, was the color of the walls in our first living 1993). Standard vanity and a faucet that drove me crazy because there wasn't enough room between it and the back of the sink! You couldn't fit your hands under there to wash them.

Standard. Plain. Dated.

One of those awful plastic slide-in shower tubs.

Not a horrible light fixture. It went with the rustic look of the bathroom. Getting pretty dated though now.

All right, you ready to see the new bathroom?

We painted the walls the same taupe as the hallway and front rooms. New vanity, mirror, shelving unit.

New light switchplate. I said the renovations are finished but we're actually still waiting on the outlet cover.

New light fixture

White tiled wall, blue glass tile accents. Frameless glass sliding doors.

Blue glass tile shower floor. I told Chip I wanted it to feel like you're at the beach when you're in the shower.

Some kind of fancy-ass European digital shower that only reads in Celsius. I have no idea how to turn it on.

Vanity backsplash is same blue glass tiles from the shower walls.

A huge improvement and well worth the multiple weeks-on-end it took to get it completed. Up next will be the master bath!!

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