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Snuggling Up

We got ourselves a Christmas present.

In 25 years of marriage, there are two things we’ve never had: an electric can opener and a king-sized bed. We’re still able to open a can of beans during a hurricane power outage, but we broke down and got the dogs more sleeping space.

Okay, I realize it doesn't look like much here. There is a headboard back there but all the pillows are piled up where you can't see it. It's actually a pretty short platform bed. We could've gotten a riser to make it higher but eh. To what point? Shelby's almost 8 and is starting to have some joint issues so this just makes it easier for her to get up there.

Clearly we don't have one of those fancy pretty beds with a designer comforter and throw pillows because we have dogs instead. My strategy was to have white duvet covers that are the same fabric as the sheets, so I can wash them in hot water every week. Chip thinks a better strategy would be a colorful, print duvet that doesn't actually show the dirt. But I'm like, You can't wash it a lot! It will fade! He's all, BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO WASH IT SO MUCH!

We're still debating that.

He bought one that was blue and gray and matched the colors in our bedroom, as well as the colors of our college alma mater. And the soldiers of the Civil War. But it had these...metallic accents. So, no. Thank you, next.

(I don't actually know what that means so there's a very good chance I used it incorrectly. I think it has something to do with Arianna Grande and maybe Legally Blonde. I am old and out of touch.)

We ordered a Casper mattress. Off the internet!! We'd heard really good things about them and you get to try it out for like 100 nights and then return it if you don't like it. Our last mattress was a Temperpedic and the head raised like a hospital bed which was great for reading or watching TV. We paid a small fortune for it and it should have been like sleeping on a cloud in The Good Place but tbh, every time we stayed in a Marriott we liked it better. I think we bought one that was too firm, so that's on me.

So far we like this new one. I figure they're counting on that. Also that it would be super hard to roll up and re-package and send back to them.

Last night the dogs and I had gone to bed and Chip came back and saw us and asked me, "Why are you sleeping on the edge of the bed? We have all this room now!" I indicated the dogs, sprawled languidly across the new mattress. He laughed at me and suggested that I push them over a bit.

I've been sleeping on the edge of the bed for 25 years. Let's not fool ourselves about who we bought this bed for.

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