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My Space

My office is pretty close to complete and it is everything I had hoped for! It's my zen space. It gives me a place for things like my handbag, chargers. journals, books so my life is more organized and there is less clutter on the kitchen table and in my bedroom. I have my desk, my laptop, my reading chair. I meditate here and there's room for yoga. It is exactly as I'd imagined it and I absolutely love everything about it.

The BEFORE pics:

The lady who had the house before us had this room decorated to be a bedroom for her visiting grandchild.

When Elijah moved down here with us, this became his room. It was crammed with a queen-sized bed, a tall-boy dresser, a full-sized couch and a TV on a table.

The berber carpet was badly worn and stained. And the ceiling fan was ugly. Also...the mint chocolate chip ice cream paint was so 1990s.


New carpet, new paint, new fan. New furniture - which I assembled myself! (A Girl has her own toolbox.)

Mourning Glories linograph from their first album.

Reading chair. Old San Juan pictures. Magnolias in a crystal vase that my parents received as a wedding gift.

Bulletin boards. My Fair Lady and Strand Book Store "Make America Read Again" mugs. Hydrangeas. Picture of my boys.

More family pics of little Elijah. Stone tree art piece from Sedona. Alexander Hamilton bobblehead. Sea turtles from Puerto Rico and Hawaii. My collection of Broadway Playbills. (I call this piece my tardis.)

I'm still lacking actual window treatments beyond the custom blinds we put in the house a couple years ago (but I know what I want) and art for that third wall above my reading chair. I'm thinking some really big flower prints but we'll see.

Anyway, if you need know where I'll be...

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