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Saving Myself

It's only natural, I think, that one begins to reflect as they near another birthday at my age. We think about our ups and downs, of the last year, and then going back further.

We all have lows in our lives. For some, those lows can be very dark. Some of us are survivors. Some of us are in recovery from various traumas. Some are still struggling.

Several years ago, Jensized posted something on Twitter that has stuck with me ever since. She had started taking a barre exercise class and was really getting into it. "People always told me if I found an exercise I liked I would stick with it." Yeah, I thought, that'll never happen to me. I had never even taken a PE class. Young children were stronger than me. I probably wouldn't have run if someone was chasing me.

Fast forward several years and Jen is running in the freaking New York marathon today. And I just got home from the gym where I did 25 minutes on the elliptical, a feat I could not have completed six months ago. Strong ladies like Jen and Carmen and Rachel are my inspirations.

We are warriors.There's a reason why I close out every workout with the same song.

I am brave.

I am bruised.

This is who I'm meant to be.

This is me.

Look out, cause here I come.

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