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Act Six

Scene: Sound & Fury bookstore, before dawn. Menetre is making cinnamon rolls. Harper sits on a stool observing, drinking coffee.

MENETRE: So it's important that you let the dough be sticky. Don't be tempted to add too much flour.

HARPER (yawning): Sticky, okay. Got it.

MENETRE: Explain to me again why it's suddenly so important for you to learn to make cinnamon rolls? Is this for Alex?

HARPER: Oh, Mama...I don't think I'll be making cinnamon rolls for Alex any time soon.

MENETRE: Oh, baby...what's happened?

HARPER: I don't know...we just seem to have...different priorities.

MENETRE: Well, that happens sweetie. The question you have to ask yourself is, Is it worth trying to work it out?

HARPER: One of several questions I seem to be asking myself lately.


Scene: Poinsettia Town Square. Harper is sitting on a park bench, reading her phone. Beau approaches with two coffees.

BEAU: Hi. Still mad at me?

HARPER (looks the other way): Maybe.

Beau offers a coffee.

BEAU: Look, I'm sorry. I know I overreacted. I was judgmental. I was way out of line.

Harper takes the coffee from him.

HARPER: I accept the coffee. I'm not accepting the apology. Yet.

Beau sits next to her on the bench.

BEAU: I know it's not Washington, or New York, or some snow-dusted city. But I do think our town is beautiful at Christmas.

HARPER: Christmas is beautiful no matter what town you're in. But yes, we do have a charming little town.

BEAU: It warms my heart to hear you say that.

HARPER: This may come as a shock to you, Coach Beau, but I never lost my love for this town. It's what's driven me to want to make things better for us - for our parish, and our state.

BEAU: I suspected it all along! I just wonder if you don't lose and then.

HARPER: Why do I feel like your idea of "focus" is me relocating permanently back to Poinsettia?

BEAU: I thought we just agreed that this is a wonderful place to be?

HARPER: Here's a newsflash for you, Beau: There are a lot of wonderful places in the world.

BEAU: But only one that can hold your heart.


Scene: Will's law office. Amy Ray is at the reception desk. Enter Harper.

HARPER: Hi Amy Ray.

AMY RAY: Why hello, Harper Lee. I wasn't expecting you today.

Harper sinks into a chair.

HARPER: I know. I wan't expecting to be here myself. How are you feeling?

AMY RAY: Pretty good actually. The morning sickness has subsided.

HARPER: Well you look adorable pregnant.

AMY RAY (laughing): Thanks.

HARPER: I'm sorry. I got up early. Made cinnamon rolls. I may be delirious. But I think I need to talk to Will.

AMY RAY: Well go right in. Your brother always has time for you.

Harper goes through the door to the inner office. Will is working at his desk.

WILL: Oh hey, Sissy. I wan't expecting you today, was I?

HARPER: No. Sorry to drop in. Is this okay?

WILL: Of course! Always! What's going on?

HARPER: I was you still have the Doucet paperwork?

WILL: I...I guess, sure. Do you have a new prospect?

HARPER: I was just wondering...what kind of paperwork would we need if we were to...keep Sound & Fury in the family?

Will sighs.

WILL: Harper, we've been through this. It's too much for Amy Ray to take on.

HARPER: I'm not talking about Amy Ray.

WILL: You found a long-lost bookworm cousin?

HARPER: No, Will. Me. I think it should be me.

WILL: But...what about DC? Alex? Your job? All the things you said?

HARPER: A wise soul once told me that sometimes the items on the list of what's most important to you shift places.

WILL: Just to be clear, you're going to run the shop? From here? Right? Not by...telepresence or anything?

HARPER (laughing): Yes. Me, here, in the shop. Making cinnamon rolls! I actually have some ideas...visiting authors, elementary book clubs, graphic novels...

Will gets up to hug his sister.

WILL: This may be the best Christmas gift you've ever given us.

HARPER: This may be the best gift I've ever given myself.


Scene: Scene: Sound & Fury bookstore, before dawn, Christmas morning. Harper and Menetre are making cinnamon rolls together. Christmas music plays quietly. The bell on the door tinkles. A man enters.

HARPER: I'm sorry, Christmas cinnamon rolls will be ready at 6.

Enter Beau in a Santa hat.

BEAU: HO HO HO! Merry Christmas!

MENETRE(laughing): Merry Christmas, Beau! What are you doing out so early this morning?

BEAU: Well I wanted to be first on the list for the new Sound & Fury cinnamon rolls! I heard they are now under new management!

HARPER: News travels fast in this town.

BEAU: Well, good news does anyway.

MENETRE: It's the greatest news, isn't it?

HARPER: Mama...

BEAU: Truth is, Miss Menetre, it's just what I asked Santa for.

Beau pulls out a sprig of mistletoe

BEAU: Merry Christmas, Harper Lee.

HARPER: Merry Christmas, Coach.

They kiss.

Fade to black.

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