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So Many Nights

I don't even know how to start this post except just to go ahead and drop it on you: One day this week I listened to Debbie Boone's album You Light Up My Life on the way to work.

This is one of the oldest albums I remember listening to. We had the eight-track tape and I remember my younger brother and I laying on his bedroom floor listening to it. For several years after that, "You Light Up My Life" was my go-to song when I found my pre-teen self in a room with a piano when some adult inevitably asked me to play something. It was the only song I could play and sing to tbh. I belted the hell outta that soft-pop love song.

While listening to this recently, I realized how clearly I could hear a harmony to this song. And I remembered how it was once part of our singing-in the-car repertoire. And how - no matter what we sang, really - my dad used to harmonize the bass line from the driver's seat. And it occurred to me that there's a very good chance that that's why I have such a good ear and made for such a massively successful Soprano II.

I mean this was some good 1970s soft-pop. Back when every song was two-and-a-half minutes long and modulated the key at the two-minute mark.

I was honestly surprised by how many of these songs I remembered all the lyrics to, given that I haven't listened to them in more than 40 years.

I might've had this same hair cut in seventh grade. I believe I also wore a flower behind one ear for my junior beta club induction, too. I do not, however, recall having as much satin in my wardrobe as Debbie apparently preferred.

The real reason I dove into this reminiscence was because of one song that has always stuck with me and I knew it. This one was not like some bolt out of the blue. Oh no. More often that I'd like to admit, I find myself singing this to my dogs when I leave for work in the morning. (Which doesn't even make sense, really, because I'm not telling them "see you tomorrow.") In the 70s it was totally cool to sing a song with a Spanish-language title and jug-band melody.

Okay my fellow GenXers, tell me the obscure album you remember from your childhood that people born in the 80s have never heard of.

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