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Name game

You might have noticed I changed the name of my page. And now I'm going to tell you how that happened.

To start we have to go back to 2015. I was on a flight home from vacation somewhere and part of the new limited on-air WIFI that Southwest offered was ebooks, including the new chick lit book by the Fug Girls The Royal We. Now, I don't ordinarily read chick lit, but I'd been reading the Fug blog for several years at this point, and I really liked the Girls' writing style, so I figured why not? I loved it right from page one. Naturally I could not finish the whole book on the plane, so once I was no longer connected to Southwest's free version, I got on Amazon and downloaded the book in order to finish it. It was a wonderful treat yo' self distraction. Like day-drinking champagne.

This year, Heather & Jessica released their sequel, The Heir Affair. I was ready and waiting. Also this year, I learned how to borrow ebooks from my local library, which allows me to read A LOT MORE books. But it also means that you have to get on wait lists for the new, popular reads. Luckily, I was ahead of the game on this one and got on the wait list long before the book was released. (I was #2 on one copy.)

My apologies to Heather & Jessica for not buying this book but one has to cut back where one can and I think they would agree that supporting your local library is also important. And I understand that requesting books from your local library helps with library sales and best seller numbers and all sorts of things. I understand it's also good to mark books as "Want to Read" on goodreads. So PSA: Please support your favorite and/or unknown authors that way.

Well Heir Affair became available to me very quickly after its release. Whoever was #1 on that one copy must've tore through it. Thank you, to that St. Tammany Parish resident. But then I went to download it and it wasn't a kindle version. So I'm reading it on the library's app rather than my kindle. Which is fine. I can read it on my iPad.

But the app doesn't let you log and save highlights.


Not a deal breaker, but here's why that's a problem for me: I keep a spreadsheet of quotes I like from books I read. So I am literally highlighting quotes in this book and emailing them to myself. To add to the spreadsheet.

I can't help it, y'all. Words sing to me when they're strung together in a compelling melody. My favorite t-shirt that I won't ever wear is Lin-Manuel Miranda's "MR. WRITE" shirt. I do the New York Times crossword every day simply because it gives me a time set aside to just think about words.

I AM a Word Nerd.

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