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Big Hugs to All Y'all

If the world-wide pandemic doesn't get you, the unsurvivable storm surge will. At some point you start to feel like everything in the world is trying to kill you. It starts to feel personal.

You know what else feels personal? All the messages and texts and facebook comments that I've received today. Y'all blew up my phone wanting to make sure we are okay down here. Two friends have offered to put us up if we need to evacuate.

At this time (6:30 pm CT) we are not in the path of Hurricane Laura. Looks like we'll have winds around 40mph, rain, spin-off tornadoes from the outer bands.

But I have a lot of friends and co-workers in and around Orange, Texas at the Louisiana border. That poor spot floods on the reg. If you remember, I went over to help with our employees after Harvey flooded the area. It was devastating. I just keep reliving it as I watch the Weather Channel reporting from the area. And I didn't even lose anything in that storm! Imagine how the flooding survivors must feel right now.

If you're a thoughts & prayers person, please keep them in yours. If you're more action-oriented, please consider a donation to the United Way of Orange County, Texas, which I know from experience will be there to help in the immediate aftermath. They know the area and what the needs are.

I don't know how to explain the feeling of fearing something that you love. Because I love storms. My family might be surprised to read that because I did not as a kid. My mom and sister did but my anxiety seems to dial up to 11 know...something wants to kill me.

But since moving to Southeast Louisiana, where we get tropic-like showers every afternoon in the summer, you start to enjoy the strum of the rain and you realize there's an actual quietness in the shower. I love to sit out on my porch when it's raining here. Until the rain WANTS TO KILL ME.

You might be sensing a trend here?

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