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C'est le Printemps

People love to say that they need to live where there are four seasons. We assume they mean a differentiation in weather throughout the year, and that seems like a weird thing to announce an attraction to. Like, I would never tell someone “I would hate it if it was summer all year ‘round.” 

The one change people seem to abide is the change of seasons. And I think it’s because people need to know that life goes on. That the world keeps turning. Nature finds a way. 

People may claim to have a favorite season - and I do not doubt that different types of people are drawn to certain types of weather, or times of year. I, for one, am a water sign. I will have a lot to say when we get to Summer. But I think there’s much that can be gleaned from each of the seasons. 

Now keep in mind that in South Louisiana, we have additional seasons that y’all may not have where you live  - Mardi Gras, Crawfish, Swarming Termite, Flood, Snoball, Festival, Hurricane and Football. We’ll try to stick to the basics here. 


Spring is the season of renewal. Rebirth, regrowth, all that’s old is new again. Spring offers 70 degrees with low humidity and bright pretty flowers blooming everywhere. Spring is when you put your windows down and open the sunroof and play Don Henley’s End of the Innocence album, even though you know you’ll spend the whole night snotting and snorting and sneezing and hacking from an allergy attack. 

Spring assures us that there is a next chapter. Spring is the Dave Grohl of seasons, that says, “The carpet was ripped out from under me…but I’m BAAA-AAACK!” Spring is Foo Fighters. In spring, we clean. We clean out. We open the doors and windows and let everything air the fuck out. Spring is fresh and clean and a great place to start. 

Spring is the time for reflection. In Spring, we sit on the side porch to meditate and invite our inner self to come out and play, All is new! What shall we do? 

Spring is when we should make resolutions. They’d have a much better chance of sticking. 

Spring is a fun fashion season, because it’s not too hot to make layers unbearable. 

Editor’s Note: Hear me now: Layers are always, ALWAYS, the key to cute outfits. Just know that in the Spring and Fall, you may have to remove the jacket if the room is too warm. So make sure you’re not showing bra straps or anything. 

Spring feels fun and flirty because the weather is so beautiful we allow ourselves to believe that the outside is an enjoyable place to be. Spring allows for any number of fun combinations of clothes. 

Summer dresses with a jean jacket. Maxi dress with cardigan. Shorts with an open-knit sweater. White tennis shoes or cute cowboy boots or, if it's really warm, pretty sandals. Lightweight, light-colored scarves. The higher the temps, the lighter the color. 

My favorite Springtime outfit is a pair of overalls with a long-sleeved bodysuit (if it’s cool) or a tank top underneath. Some sort of sun hat. Gardening gloves. Baby blue Crocs.


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