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Drive & Listen

I found an app called Drive and Listen that lets you drive through cities around the world while listening to local radio.

It has done more to calm my anxiety than yoga and prescription meds ever could. I watch it instead of TV now.

In Paris, I'm on my way home from my job at a top fashion house. My daily uniform is black Audrey Hepburn pants and a black turtleneck with different, vibrant designer shoes every day. I'm skinnier and taller in Paris.

In Amsterdam, I'm a self-employed artist. Various creations are conceived and formed in my back garden. I walk or bike most places but am in a taxi today to meet a friend for a cheese sandwich, in skinny jeans and a peasant blouse.

In Barcelona, I'm a singer in a eurodisco where the drinks are the equivalent of USD $50 each. In the late afternoons, I take a taxi to meet one of my many suitors for a late lunch in a Victoria Beckham original.

In Dublin, I'm an elected official. All politics, all the time. I have a driver. My pantsuit is designer with power pumps.

In Kyiv, Ukraine, I'm a community organizer and political activist, on my way to another important meeting re: fighting back against Russian aggression. Skinny jeans and an oversized sweater with leather boots.

In Nice, France, I'm a socialite on my way to Monaco for tea with Albert & Charlene. Champagne is provided in my car. I'm in Alexander McQueen linen pants and a silk top.

In Singapore, I'm a Crazy Rich Asian in a Valentino dress and a million dollars of Carnet jewelry on my way to a family dinner of really amazing food.

In Tel Aviv, I'm a Zionist with actual muscle definition on my way to the West Bank for a self-defense class with my bad ass SIL in Efrat. Workout pants under a tennis skirt and a tank top. My hair is wrapped.

In San Francisco, I'm a high-powered civil rights attorney. I drive my own car and listen to NPR.

In Toronto, I have my own IT agency. I wear pencil skirts and dress shirts with popped collars, like Meghan on Suits. I only recently upgraded to driving myself instead of taking the subway.

In Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, I run an inn. I'm basically the Swiss Lorelei Gilmore.


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